Graphic Design

Everyday we try to convey powerful messages with our imagery and texts to the world. I love being a part in helping brands tell their story. In this endeavor Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign are my favourite companions.

Product Design

Product design is all around us. What a cheeky line that is. Anyway, I love to design products, shape them, form them, create them, think of the aesthetics, think of the user experience. Because after all, if the user doesnt like it, it's shit.

Motion Design

What better way to tell a story, then with an amazingly engaging, smooth, crisp animation. In my career I've worked with several animation styles, such as animated infographics, 3D rendered animations and real film.

NFT Collection on Rarible

Check out my NFT collection on Rarible. The DudePods. The dudepods reflect the archetypes and symbolism found in our collective unconsciousness and express this pluripotentiality of spirit as a bunch of cool NFT-dudes that roam the blockchain. 


Hi! I am

I am a freelance designer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I have studied industrial design engineering at the Technical University of Delft. I founded my own company oxcraft in 2014. I have always loved to be active in the world of design be it in product design, 3D modelling, Graphic design, motion graphic design or design visualisation: it excites me all!

Graphic design
3D modelling
Design visualisation


The Productivity Company

Dennis is an artist. He developed our website, learning platform and corporate identity and this has become a real USP for our organization! What I value of Dennis is his focus on details without losing the goal of the design. He is capable of creating marketing visualizations but also visuals that can be used for teaching material. These two kind of visuals have both entirely different goals, yet Dennis has knowledge of creating both. For us Dennis is not only a graphic designer, but rather more the creative master mind behind our brand image. Thanks to Dennis the whole market will soon recognize us!

Tom Lindsen CEO The Productivity Company

The Lean Six Sigma Company

Dennis is a great designer, he helped us with our corporate identity, website and prospectus. What makes Dennis so good in my opinion is that he immediately understands and takes up the assignment. He understands very well what feeling and message you want to convey with the design. No matter how long we've been working with Dennis, he always manages to surprise us and exceed expectations. Only the really good designers know how to achieve this. On to an even longer collaboration!

Geert Brokking Marketing Manager TLSSC NL


An overview of some clients I have been working with

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